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*waves hands frantically*

                                                 HIYAAAA HOMIES

Can the snow stop? IM KINDA BORED NOW
However, if you like the snow or just enjoy self pain like me, watch this 148 photo complication of the snow in the beautiful place we call ....england..
ALSO, i still love zayn malik, i watched this ustream video like a PERVERT. I THINK WE HAVE A NEW JUSTIN BIEBER....(not really...his berrrrra. ouch.)
BRAP!  #gassed
I have sooo much love for this dude for just being a fantastic actor. LIES.
his reaaaaally leng and even though his going to be the new spiderman and technically i should be angry because...everyone adores tobeyy maguirrre..but LATERZ. this garfield is on the money(if that makes sense)
When i first saw this video was like 'whaaaaaaaat'?
as i thought it was scripted..the forst 5 secs then she SHOCKED HIM.
WHO DOES THAT??(...well someone that whats to make really funny videos for me and you to watch)
are they still
who was filming this?
HOW DID THE BOYFRIEND NOT KNOW...something was up...?