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*sighs* i actually miss destiny child

but yes. how are you, lovelies?
i apoloogize that NOT one member of the wang crew did a post for what feels like years.
im guessing they've all been abducted by louie spence
soo im sorry.
well, im beeen feeling pretty meh. since i realised...or remembered im turunng 19 next week. IM OLD. like. i have to do something
i feel like my youth is going ever soo fast.
on the bright side im no longer a baby slag *snaps*
but serioussssly, me..19? i still look about 14.
*cries again*
well, moving on.
in other news, this weather has been a supersuper success soo ive resulting to wearing my year 9 super disgusting blackjacket.

Disclaimer:reading this post back. i think i might have a hint of skitso.