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You are not a Pedophile if its a fantasy in your mind


lets just get this straight this girl is 14 or something ridiculously young like that, but her plum physic makes her look older so, i KNOW its ok for me to fantasize about her dancing around my cerebellum when i cant sleep at night.....
its her moves man...
i subscribed, i followed.... my love for her wriggling isn't illegal as long as it just stays in my mind, fantasizing about murdering someone isn't the same as gutting the is it?

she's just so tubby as sweet.

its cool cos im underage too, in america anyways


disclaimer:WANG does not actively encourage sexual fantasies/perversions about children under the age of 16, if you find that you are fantasizing about children please seek help by visiting your locol psychologist or check into the priory or something