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I got the cool aid.

Basically this is my 5 reasons why i love sleigh bells

  • the bass is so fresh that i have to drink orange juice, just so i don't get blown away.
  • they do this kind of im-not-really-rapping-rap thing that i like, without being ghetts
  • Derek miller (the guy) aside from being a pretty fit bastard, he used to be in a hardcore band called poison the well ( there weren't half bad as it happens)
  • anyone who listens to their self tittled 2009 EP will definitely belong to the faith, although there current album is a tad on the commercial side , they are still true to their original sound, which is why even if they weren't as good looking as they collectively are i would still cream for them.
  • after seeing them being interviewed they act exactly as i thought they would, modest but erringly still cool and brutally HONEST like a 10 dollar hooker to a priest.

also i would like to ADD that as an avid SLEIGH BELLS fan , i resent that when i went on you tube and typed them in search, all i got was shit about some stupid beer advert that was blatant east London hipster propaganda . either that or people were going on about the shit US version of skins (AND YOU ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT REMAKES!!)
then some cunt started talking about a less than average Taylor foetus-face Lautner movie. i dont care if this makes me sound like a music snob, but people that think of music in terms of record sales or soundtrack to some shitty fox series SHOULD BE SHOT AT DAWN!

peace pussy pies


p.s im back from Canne and will make the next post French focused :)