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I caught up with photographer and illustrator bafic on his buuurrday which he cancelled because he was waayy too busy drawing letters whilst listening to drake in his boxers. NICE.

funmiwang: how's its going, bruh??
bafic: I'm Good today is my birthday and i'm sitting here in my grey vest and boxers listening to music hahah **i bet 5 people just got an image**
funmiwang: yes, haha they probably did.
bafic: how are you?
funmiwang: urmm well, im alright. OBVIOUSLY watching loose women cuz im a middle aged white woman.
funmiwang: ohh happy birthday btw, whatcha doing for it?
bafic: haha ha thank you
funmiwang:oh A W E S O M E (why?)
bafic:err nothingg i told everyone my birthday is canceled
funmiwang:too personal?
bafic: haha well mehh i dont wanna turn this into a filled drake verse
bafic: ghahga
funmiwang: BLEURGHH.okay.

funmiwang: soo about your photography did you get into? i realised you mostly shoot on analog, why?
bafic: because i cant afford to buy a camera at the moment so instead of making one big purchase on a camera i make Loads of small purchases spent on film, developing, printing, etcc. i think since i started i have spent enough money to buy a camera......but that is over the span of 3 yearss
funmiwang: most of your photos are mainly filled with treees and LOADS of greenerry.
bafic:yeah where i live is pretty boring every now and then i photograph people.....people are are great you only get the one don't get you see or hear the conversation that was had before i took the picture you have no idea what the person is like so you see a picture of a woman with her dogs and can only imagine what sort of person she she talks, what she likes in life...what she hates.... sometimes i don't even know....

funmiwang: DEEP (no innuedo) but do you think you'll ever make a move from your more documentary style to fashion shitt?
bafic: YESS, i will.In Recent years we have had an major increase on street style....cliched beautifull people dressed in pretty hues of browns, blues, leathers and denim. and it's getting abit boring. *yawns*
bafic:For a long time i have always thought the older people and the homeless people and the skaters where i live are the best dressed.i have been seeing the older people walking their dogs every morning in their tan chourdroys, leather shoes and barbour jackets looking soo frikking coool but i could never tell what it was
bafic: The homeless men who rock the green Ma1's with those arabian scalves it's amazing
funmiwang: YESSSSS.
bafic: the street style we see on the internet alot of people are just so mesmorized with this idea that if you dress like a 60 year old man when you are 20 you have 'style'
whaatt? does that even make sense...wait NONE of what i'm saying is making sense and this is stuff i have been thinking about
Peoples style isn't aging naturally

funmiwang: i get what you mean, what IS STYLE?
bafic: it's like people are taking surgury to make them look older that meaning people are dressing up 'old' missing different moments in their life. this is hard to explain. hmmm *thinks of a metaphor*
funmiwang: haha
bafic: people are running up the stairs of "style" and there missing certain vital steps that shape what they will look like at 60yrs old because of this they are falling and failing miserbally at look like a 60yr man who has lived life, met beautiful people, gone through life etc and instead they look like someone who was locked outside their house and had to borrow their dads clothes for work

including awkward looks when they walk down the street chin up looking like a idiot

bafic: ahhhhmm oh yeah style.. what IS style?
funmiwang: YES.hmmm eek whatever you feel confortable in, i guess. soo whats future planssss???

bafic: hmm i wanna put on a show but do it a little different....i'm not sure yet. i wanna do a coffee table book....on the most boring and obsure random theme
funmiwang: coffee table book??'re actually trapped in an 80 year old man's body
bafic: haha yess, imagine if i did a book called "Things i have found on the floor and kept. it would be soooo dope but hmm what else do i wanna do? errr i wanna shoot this girl i always see at the train station mmm
i wanna shoot her with my camera not a glock
funmiwang: inneudo much?