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5 reasons why i love : Waka Flocka Flame

he has alliteration in his name and Mrs. flocka flame (new life ambition) rolls of the tongue very well

he created new hope in me for my very own rap career, you no longer have to speak in coherent sentences to be a rapper

he has a giant green diamonte teddy bear for an alarm clock

his music makes me very angry and makes me dance aggressively like a tall black man with dreadlocks, which is as it happens it a FUCKING awesome workout (lost 6 pounds, just dancing to grove st party)

He is part of brick squad ( which as a londoner i can only assume is a very good building good they called themesleves squad)


p.s i love hoodrich guys with tattoos and dreadlocks....its a good fetish to have at least i don't get of on amputee porn.*coughs* Mason Erlington