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Soo the other day a mate of mine bought me this 40 quid clit stimulator shit as an early birthday present. At first i was obviously like 'brav, i dont need this' but then realised as an ever growing hormonal teen, this is vital as it could be my replacement for actually HAVING S E X with aids ridden chong tings.

**tumble weed**

urmm soo How this thing works? you put it in your pants and you have a remote control where you can control the speed or vibration level.

However, Due to the fact, im kinda like a meech and didnt know i was supposed to use it like a vibrating dildo. Instead i just casssjuually left it in my pants whilst waiting for something special to happen....which didnt.

**awkward silence**

I FELT N O T H I N G GUYS, nothing


well, the moral of the story is SEX TOYS ARENT 4 ME.