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Tulisa Talks

First of all
but as it happens im better now
so you are stuck with me. :P

since Monday a sex tape (well not really a sex tape its , just mobile footage of #howtonotgiveablowjob) of Tulisa from n -dubz (sorry i dont know how to spell her last name) and DJ Ultra (don't really know who he is apart from something on channel a.k.a yonks ago)

i wont put the link the the 'sex tape' u because i am going to try and not post gross things for this month #itsLent
that and the fact is i don't agree with guys doing that-

to me it is definitely a bitch move
i will tell you why

1. whilst you were dating her before or after she was famous you didn't post shit like this about her

2. even though i am most definitely NOT a fan of n-dubz, clearly this girl tried to help your career in a way that most people wouldn't , she had enough respect for you as her 'man' to get her cousin to help you get more exposure

3. if you had a video like that why not just keep it to yourself? or delete it, you and your wonky willy are in it too, Tulisa is getting all this shade thrown at her only because she is on a different level of fame to you