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CAN I HAVE AN AMEN?? AMINNNN my opinion are sooo weird... like fuckkkk. yes. im a christian and stuff..even though i dont preach in ya'll faces and i do have a fair bit to drink butSOMEBODY HELP going to be in texas till august..and TILL AUGUST.

Every SINGLE sunday.. i have to go with my super dupey religious aunt and her family to this stereotypical black church. which askes me if im a born again christian..and if im not?? then all is doomed for me...WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? really *faints immediately* but seriously these churches are surreal..even the kids around my age are just COOOOKYYYYY CRAZYYYYYY *PAUSE* anyhooo..somebody give me strength.. i only have a few 8 weeks to go before i get back to the peripherals of my beautiful london.