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The day i get my pension

its the day i came out mama's china doll,
but i feel older that Michael Douglas at a skins party. i feel slightly low because i realise than sooner or later, im going to have to start chipping years of my age and pretending im 5 to anyone that asks to shag me.either that or having the awkward moment of explaining why im-seemingly-immature-for-someone-that-is-double-digits.
however big surprise is that i got more money than i can shake without getting a minor case of Sank arm. this year will be a good year , but i dont know what age is it OK for your relatives to stop giving a shit that you exist and just totally not get you anything, even the stingy uncle something that only gives you £20 and expects you to act like you've won the lottery or got boned Megan Fox.

just a thought

xx Byron