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Sheath Thy dagger

Dear Beautiful Man,

see baby all those flute lessons taught me how to blow, betchya i can play 'Fur elise' on your twizzle ? Bible camp taught me soo much, especially father Ronson. He said "now ,now byron, god doesn't like things sloppy so blow constructively and swallow"

So we can do it at my house butt naked,you can mount me whilst we watch 'Maury' on living plus. Be sure to last the hour otherwise it will be embarrassing for both of us and i wont fake a sex face just to massage your Ego .

So 10 am right ? in Peckham and remember butt naked, shoes no socks. OK? Now that your'e done molesting me. Is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me? I am sure we can cum to some agreement?

xx Byron