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I am fashion, hear me roar. SAY WHATTA WHAATTA??

”Just because my ex LOOKED like my sister doesn’t mean I have some weird infatuation with sleeping with girls who look like her. There’s a big fuckin difference, so stop spreading stupid lies about me and my family.”

alright pancakes and dumpling basically Donald Crunk and Fashion guru Patti La'sqeual founded this too jokes site and in the very angelic words of donalds he said

"It’s only a matter of time before Jesus comes back to earth and zaps all the people who don’t pray straight to hell. Until then, why not have some fun! And what could be more fun than knowing what's going on in the minds of the pretty and not so pretty people on fashion blogs across the world?

'I am fashion, hear me roar' is here to fill the psycho-sartorial void that’s been missing from your sinful lives.