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WTF is wrong with me????

Minus this mildy attractive picture of jay-z's beyattch, i mean the "gorgeous" beyonce.basically ive come to the understanding that i could be like alone forever.seriously i actually dont mind living with cats and sqiurrels, im sure that'll be fun. but i always get fucked over??? why is that?considering im not the push over type( am i?), i reckon im rather emotionally stable and confident gurl. soo why is it everytime something cracks in a relationships and stuff, i turned into an emotional wreck.fahhking heck, im such a contradication to myself,. i sit all day preaching bloody independence and be happy with ureself and being like meh! seriously if your single, just embrace finger blasting ureself.atleast you wont get ch ch chlamladia or get pregnant.haha, ive actually just made myself laugh a teeny bit & ive kinda forgotten what this post was all about. hmmm anyhooooo im single and im NOT looking(anymore) although i do still fancy justin bieber,stephen fry and vicky pollard,actuallly scratch everythang.VICKY POLLARD IS LENG #endof