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so erm... post became a DUFF DUFF?

until recently i haven't really been followed the EastEnders storyline because it was.. shall we say, a glass of skimmed milk (weak). Surprisingly when Bradley Branning jumped from a roof and became a twitter trending topic,it gave EastEnders the kick start i was waiting for along with my coffee and galaxy cookie crumble.
However last week Feb 21-28 ,was very unusual . unusual with the fact that stolen post made a duff duff(yes you read correctly). i guess the writers could be making a valid point about our royal mail and their postal-strike-stealing-late-delivering-track record which pisses of at least 20 million of us Brits a day (give or take 1 million). i dont know if this sounds obvious, but i really do NOT see how post is a cliff hanger,seeing as previous cliff hangers have been , ermmm... MURDERS/outing of MURDERERS
i mean Masood? what a waste of a weeks worth of episodes
the only high light is the drowning of that bloody Dog . Yes i said it, i HATE DOGS

i dont want to do another duff duff related post CAPICHE? so....