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O yer i forgot.

alritey wangers,

incase you didnt know partially because i havent ermmm told ya ive been in texas for the summer and its rather dandy. its hot but its ight. Can ihhh just say america is the most commercial place ive evr been too? its like a walking advert!
Meh! also why does everyone classify indie as rock? ITS DIFFERENT!ok? its such a par that you lot arent allowed to drink till your 21!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? ive been drinking since was like three.... BANG BANG! ok, i havent. i just begged it nicely but still. yerr, i miss london but my cousins has a trampoline, a massive swimming pool, a basketballl court, a games room.....SOO i cant really complain.
Days of our lives is the most melodramtic thing ive ever seen in my life..dbnsjfdjfjkdjkjskjkdsjfkjfk and jersey shore is the best thing since french toast!