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The New Existentialism

Some may say gargle my cum

And eat my balls

But I say eat my cum
And gargle my balls

I want to build a time machine
So I can go back and buttfuck
The Virgin Mary

So she can give birth
To the Anti-Christ
Out of her ass

And be the shit demon
That haunts my dreams

Just like the one
In that stupid movie
By the guy who made Clerks

Oh, by the way
Colin Wilson�s book
Is about how existentialism
Has reached an intellectual standstill
Because it is mired in nilhism
And pessimism
And if it is ever to develop further
It would have to take a more
Humanisticly optimistic approach

But before Mr. Wilson
Could demonstrate how
This could be done

I said,
"Hey, I need a blowjob."

So I called your mom
And said,

"Lick my anal crevice,
you sick little bitch.
I want to whip you with my cock
And fuck your armpit�."

And she says,

"I�ll be right over."

At that note,
I broke into song.

"Existentialism is an ism jism."

(Repeat ad nauseum, fall to the ground,
have a seizure, and crawl back to your seat
at the coffee shop)

From the mind of Colin Wilson