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Obese Chronicles part 1:Dude where's my Genitalia?

As harsh as this may seem, it has come to my attention that many of our morbidly obese erm..."buddy's" have magical genitalia ,as in they do a disappearing act every bloody time they sit down or want to do a number 22. Then a question came to mind how do they cope with this never ending anatomical magic trick that God or Ronald MacDonald cursed them with...and it came to as awkwardly as when you have "the talk" with your parents.welcome to the wonderful world of .....
ADULT nappies.

No longer the secret shame of elderly-folk-dumped-in-a-less-that-average-nursing-home-trying-to-recall-their-lost-youth-with-a-cranky-carer-named-ruby or some other dreadful name. OH NO! my fellow Spartans, nor is it the luxury of old business men trying-to-rein-act-their-lost-years-with-a *coughs*" wet nurse (no pun intended) named Lady luccy with two "Cs" to make it look like lucky spelt wrong.

googled it as you do and found out that they have them in many sizes, some even up to XXXXXL, which is like saying.. "hey fatty boom boom, its OK that your SOO obese that small children mistake you for a bouncy castle in the summer and a whale in winter, cos we SOO care about FATTY that we made you an ADULT SIZED NAPPY ,so you and all your fat little friends (by that I a mean variety of processed food logos)can eat the shit at McDonald's whilst doing one,*barf* p.s buy the SHIT WE SELL YOU"