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Urgh. sooo i had this dream last night and luckily i remember some fragments of it.


  • soo im in a blue room and the singer/rapper ghostpoet starts reciting 'im 44 years old, life's getting cold' and im immediately like what the fuck? 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN?' only for him not to respond and bring out one of those kids cut out pop up books for me to read.
  • Another bit i remember is, me asking truce and michael to draw a stripper in illustrative form in my ideas book, only for truce to say 'thats immoral,man' and he walked out. Michael decides to take the challenge on drawing the stripper, then about 5 minutes later, i screamed in a some what high pitched 9 year old type voice saying 'YOU'RE DRAWING THE STRIPPER TOO STRIPPERISH, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?'

and....i woke up
well, thats all i remember