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Tripoli, Libya: Rebels Seize Control Of Gaddafi Compound

Ya new girlfriend is old news

Yeen got enough green and she so blue yeah
Arab Money Records where dreams come true
Everything is easy baby leave it up to Godaffi Baby
Put it in the pot let it steam let it brew
Now watch it melt don't burn ya self

I see she wearing them jeans that show her butt crack
My girls can't wear that why, that's where my stash at
I put my mack down that's where you lack at
She need her candlelit and I'ma wax that

I rekindle the flame
She remember the name
It's Gadaffi Baby January December the same
Mama gimme that brain
Mama gimme that good
Cause I'm the fireman
You hear the firetruck

basically leave my dad alone!!
his face is melting for gods sake