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London Riots : This is just not Acceptable AT ALL

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so i went out the other night with mate and im walking home in white chapel, fall asleep wake up at 2pm , leave the house and on my way to hackney i hear conversations going on, about 'omg ...didnt you hear, its sad' to be honest i was half listening to slipnot, have baffled about the conversation i was eaves dropping on, but no more than 10 minutes after i arrive at my destination (laurens house) she tell me 'byron didnt you hear what happened....BLAH BLAH wlathomstowe...BLAH BLAh RIOTS ' and i was just confused how could this happen in the city i live in (i am aware riots have happened in london before) but what i mean is IN LONDON IN 2011





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i mean seriously certain people need to fix the fuck up or get the fuck out of life. How can you tell me that you couldn't wait the few weeks it takes for the police to get all their information together, but no instead you mr Hooded sea urchin had to make a mountain out of a mole hill, perhaps im wrong , perhaps there are holes in certain sections of society that cannot be fixed AS IN EVER!, or can only be disgusted philosophically at a University level Lecture and then only hypothetically (because we all know that YOBS have no self control and are just hell bent on destroying the world as we know it)


**breathes in through the mouth and out through the nose....**


point 1)
i just feel that every time young people are groups larger than five , people are very quick to demonise them and say that they are doing something Illegal or Vulgar. god help you if you are under the age of 25 and in a hooded jumper after a jog or going to the GYM and god help you if you are male and an ethnic minority. it is true that police pic on ethnic males under 25 , police pic on ethnic males over 25 its a fact but it does make it right or fair but for people to make that a base for mindless and reckless behaviour or PUBLIC PROPERTY because we all pay council tax and we all live in london (if your are a londoner). its just disgusting and Unruly behaviour, that goes to show that some people just have no thought of tomorrow or respect fro communal property.

point 2)
the coverage of these 'riots' are even more PATHETIC than the riots itself, how can an MP say that 'its not a riot ...BLAH BLAH...i dont really live here any way ... im on the train back to kent or somewhere thats less of a shit hole than YOUR area bloody YOBS'
the whole this is just so stupid ,that i really canot stress how STUPID it is, just go home and take get of your parents and/or get a job or go to college ....REALLY london ..THIS IS WHAT IT HAS COME TO?

point 3)
the people that are into the hype and mass hysteria of the riots, because to put it in its most simple and meaningless for it is just MASS HYSTERIA. this is ridiculous AS IF you are basically shitting on your own doorstep by burning and looting your local shops, SETTING FIRE to a carpet store...
A CARPET STORE people really? robbing curry's and Footlocker...REALLY?
tell me what happens when you need to fix your ipod or want to buy new trainers or for arguments sake need a new carpet?



i'll tell you where now where or maybe Ebay , and you will order a wii and get a sega.. thats what will happen, you are destroying local business , not sticking your finger up to the man ..
do you really think an organisation like Footlocker gives a shit if you destroy one store? ...erm. NO.. they have many a footlocker around the world (by the way for you chooch people, that doesn't mean that i believe it an ok thing to do just because its an international business)

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point 4)
Innocent people on their way home ..are being assaulted by the idiots that have ' temporary mob mentality'.
sorry thats possibly somebody's that you are about to mug/rape/punch in the face
do you just have no morals or are you a dog?
what would your parents say?
what would your friends say?
what would Jesus say?
come on at least one of these opinions would shock you into more socially acceptable actions.
if you are disinfranchised, disallusioned and disproportionatly disadvantaged from whats going on in your society then why not do something positive about it so that people would hear you out, even if they dont agree with your views, but a platform of violence solves nothing!!!

but hey ...who am i kidding? these actions had no social or political relevance, its just Bum Bum heads that want free shit and as a result of this , there will be less rights of public assembly. thanks you vulgar twat!...


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jheeez.. you'd think that we where in some slum of harlem or something
*rolls eyes*