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Okay. soo i was going to do a video blog for this but I LOOOK A TOTAL MESS. i dont think you understand....more of a mess than i usually look..sooo thats BAD.
Urmmm sooo 'are these your mates??'
Unless you're EXTREMELY lucky. most people tend to have atleast one cunt in your circle of friends. you know the one im talking about. the one whose always FUCKING RUDE about everything. like CALM THE FUCK're not blooody simon cowell in season 2 of american idol. ARE YOU?? no. i thought sooo.
and the worst thing about this person is they think they are just being 'reaaaallll' 'im just saying the truth, ya know'..... FUCK YOU. your being a complete CUNT when NOT necessary
ps: there is NEVER a necessary time to be a cunt unless when a charity leaflet guy outside brixton with a name of oluwatunde tries to chirrpppsee. ALLLOW IT BRUVV!!
...but urmmm yeah. the 'cunt' friend must be handled with precaution as they might turn into a moogllliiinnnnnn(a word i just made up).

Someone once told me they are the WORSTIEST type. I personally, dont mind. However, the problem, they are SOOOO QUIET and FUCKING shy, you actually get the  impression they dont like you , or they are probably bitchy behind your back. In which some, quiet ones have been known to do in the past. Let's just say they have the reputation of being...S N A K E S!!!

These are the bestest and most amaze type of mate to have. They like the same type of music like you. They laugh at the most randomest things LIKE YOU. They cried at the last scene of finding nemo...LIKE YOU. The clip belows explains they KIND of friendship im talking about.
urmm soo im not going to continue with this 'are these your mates list?' as my hands hurt from typing and i'll just make a follow up video post. alritteyyy???