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Birmingham has Got a BUDGET NIKI minaj


ok i know that this section is called spit you game ,but really it should be call swallow because thats what shes doing here.

because her vagina is now a bottomless pit/abyss
there are several things that i believe can be found there.

1. all my odd socks that were lost in the wash are probably floating around somewhere in her vagingo

2.the spare change that you think is in your couch


4. Iraq's WMD's

5. Donald Trumps hairline

6. The lost city of Atlantis

the problem here ladies and gentlemen isn't that she's a little bit loose, but its that she HAS only BEEN HAVING SEX FOR 1 year!!!

yes she is only 17 ,although when interviews she says she has 11 GCSE's but how did you find time to study with all those dick jiggling around inside you? seriously dudette, sort it out.

do you know what... i wont even start on you weave cos it seems like you've had a really HARD time (no pun intended)

the one thing that pisses me off is that ... whether its next week or later on this year she will blow up and stupid people rating here will be the cause of this.....

stupid people rating stupid rappers and you wonder why UK rap is in such a state.

i have only one message left, please support GOOD UK artists.