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battle your addictions: crack

basically its just one of those days for me....

and i cannot lie .......

i'm not feeling fresh at all

my hair *coughs* weave.. isn't done, my clothes are torn and i had to talcalm powder myself into my favourite leather trousers,and to top it off funmi is wearing the same leather and denim combo as me.......

i ... i....i HATE CHER LOYD!

thats it i said it *begins veneomous rant* all she eats are crisps, and she shakes like a crack addicted baby,she's sounds like a cheap version of katie price (if thats possible) and she looks like she's nuturing one SERIOUS CRACK ADDICTION <<<>

looks like someone didn't turn their swag on

if you have crack addiction, or any addiction as a matter of fact, things may become disoriented, you may believe for instance..that you wrote song or "raps" that you infact had no part in even co-writing , let alone farting in that direction. your realities may also be blurred you may wish to morph into a former girl band member ,dress ,get inked, and possibly not eat, JUST LIKE SHE DID...and maybe one day hit a black toilet attendant *waits for confirmation of gamu's mother's occupation* and marry a gay black footballer ,just so that nobody knows you're just another racist chav

shame your not northern ay' pet?

one more thing about addictions is,that you can convince everyone around you that your are just David, when in reality your mountain of lies surpass Goliath.

aside from that im just pissed of that she is the talentless replacement for Gamu.


disclaimer: W.A.N.G does not believe, cher loyd is on crack ,sniff or snorts it in anyway nor do we believe she bathes in it , even though she looks like she does, just saying