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I'm so special YAR..?

i have a slight problem, the people on my course..(which is fine art, yh yh i know art ponce)

have this undying believe, that they were created in a spontaneous combustion of art and sparkle and creativity and the-holy-mountain type of abstract yet completely socially relevant bubble.

please just FAAAWWWRK off , can it. honestly the cheek of some people. I'm not saying that what your are doing is any less amazing, although the simple fact is that , if it hasn't been done before it has at least been thought of before by someone at some point in the cosmos. JUST SAYING. i too have been frustrated to boil my brain on an idea then type into google my idea only to find that some farmer-that-got-hit-in-the-head-with-a-baton-which-in-turn-switched-on-some-synapse-in-his-brain , had the exact same idea and executed it how i would have. coincidence? i think not.
the fact is that there are 6 billion + people in the world, you can't expect minds not to cross along the way, there are parts of the mind we haven't even discovered or know how to reach, what people should realise is that even great genius doesn't use all of the brains potential. what makes people feel that they are so unique in a world where a minority of genes separate us from other types of beings (don't get ghost buster on me, i mean animals)

even IQ tests are only in relation to the society you live in , who's to separate the population by how quickly they completed X and Y ? the idea is simply LUDICROUS .

sense of style, hairstyle, the music that you listen to. has all been done before by someone at some point in time, wearing black =done before painting your face all colours of the world=done before, and kraftwerk did the whole electro thing when people where still listening to Abba and rocking huge afro's.

it has just come to my attention that young people in the art world or any subculture seem to feel that by doing this and wearing that ,they are somewhat special or amazing and anybody that does what they do is simply "copying them"

to this type of person i say GET OVER YOUR SELF AND SEEK Jesus
you make me feel physically sick

this type of person believes lady gaga is "unique and special"

sorry to burst your bubble but, she is manufactured just like thing else in America and the wonderful world of music in this century,
im pretty sure Tchaikovsky would be turning in his grave to see how easily lead people are by sub standard music, without any philosophical or celestial meaning , nothing in any of these songs add meaning to life and if they do then i feel sorry for the life you are wasting.

i dont know who is gassing you about your lifestyle
it just seems this type of person resides in east London or
this is the type of person you see at punk clutching a leather jacket, wearing loafers and saying that other people look "FIERCE"

what are you ACTUALLY doing with your life?

please get out of my face with your real problems and false life

of course there are some people who don't have to force "creativity" some people are just innately unique