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Alright amigas. im currently in lesson attemping to do work but ive found myself jerkkking off to luke worrall. LOLjk. in addition to that, the first years are selling sweets,carrot cakes(eurggh!) and popcorn for childrens in need. hahhahahaha i predict them to make about £20. hahhaha no. seriuussssly. their pricing for stuff are sooooo cheap. like 20p for a cake. WTF? that's amazing.

Soo me being the good samaritan. I bought one popcorn.. then two popcorn. then A WHOLE LOTTA MORE POPCORN for myself. obviously.
the point is im overdosing on popcorn right now in the name HELP!

SIDENOTE:hahhahahhahah my mate polina is reading some shakespeare sonnets. the thing is ..i know she'll get all emotional in a minute and be like 'Oh, romeo was sooooo amazing. WHY DID HE DIE???' and i'll be like 'It was wasn't real. fiction? remember!