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it will soon cost £10000 to go to school

dear uk gvernment,

you do realise that the more it costs to send anyone of your youth to school, then the likelihood of your next generation of voters to have an iq above 10 is going to be slim to none, i suppose hat what you're aiming for anyway right? i mean the less intelligent people are the more they will vote for any party will a smile and a macdonalds voucher, without reading your manifesto. i is obvious to me that you would rather your countries youth be crippled with debt or engaging in battle with a country that has less arms than a quadriplegic nun.

i'm saying his because this now means, when i'm at uni next year, the rest of my degree will now cost half way between £9000-£10000 from a little over £3000,what a ridiculous jump, why don't you just give me a baseball bat and point me in the direction of the queen . don't insult my intelligence and don't let attacks on the queen become common practice.(by the way theladybyron actually loves the queen, at least she isn't prince Charles ,however we shan't get into that)

so if i rob a bank from being in so much debt once my degree is finished, that.. good sir.. is ON YOU

i really wish i had been at the protest two weeks ago. i feel like as a voting member of the youth i have been betrayed by both parties, which goes to show what we already knew, is that our governments, neither care for or can adequately deal with our needs as a voting and non-voting public. protests or not, how can we really show our discontent with the way things are going , whilst statistically people under the age of 25 don't really vote what annoys me is that 10 years ago there was plenty that we could do to show how concerned we were about new laws and the tweaking of old laws, but slowly eroding way's of keeping your government in check

so thanks for that and FUCK YOU

and to the youth of britain, the next time you vote for a party read their manifesto, read not just what they say they will do but how they say they will achieve that.
oooooohhhh and one more thing....

vote and make sure your peers votes, get politically active, because if you don't then you will not be able to complain when England is in a dystopic society