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Soo its been the News recently that the staff from number 10 downing stret have been calling the anti bullying helpline saying they feel stress that basically they are getting bullied or feeling intimated and bullied by gordon brown??GORDON BROWN?? really. i know when he tries to smile he comes across creepy and a teeny bit like a paedophile but FAHK.its not he fault he has wonky eye. EYE RACISTS! ALSO I believe that swarmy actually rather friendly gordon brown can bully a fly.YES? i can understand why people want any excuse to get him out of number 10 but really and truly the collapse of the economy wasnt his fault..IT WAS HIS RASSCLARRRT STAFF who are COMPLAINING.they were the ones who left all oure bank statements and details on the circle line tarin, they wwere the ones who spent £2,000 for their dog sash to get a manicure,etc.the list is endlessss.soo if any one try teels me tha gordon brown is a bully ILL HIT YOU WITH MY POKEMON CARD.OK????? GORDON BROWN is my best friend innit..brlaaaaap. actually its not really but if you wanna boot him from his prime minister you probably need a better excuse....if he was alien swarmINGy scot?? that might be a visable excuse