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RAAAAAAAAAA RATTTAAA! ello gello meeello. i want introduce you lot Sara willis , deemed as the new glamour model on the scene,well hopefully. Can i just say SHE HAS AMAZING BOOOBS. 32 GG!! FAHK! yes! no no surgeryy people..ALL NATURALE.THANK FUCK FOR THAT. *gasps*
I know how you lot are just pervs soo feel free to waaaaaaankk over the pics and bare in mind YOU WILL be hearing her name EVERYWHERE!(dont say i didnt tell ya)but just soo you know that sara is MINEE(soo dont try to chirpse her innit),she's my older POIVERTED sister from another orientated mother.

she joked "I love getting my wangers out and getting paid for it. Simple as that really! Haha if Chris Brown reads it I will actually let him beat me." ahhhhhh ok she said i shouldnt put that bit in..but if chris brown you are READING THIS . Sara will infact sex you.!Perv on her photos and drink some coffee innit or just do some stalking on
her twitter