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Keep your chastity belt on

i really really really, envy "pure folk" aka VIRGINS. why..? i hear you ask, i'll tell you why.

previous to my de-flowering (haha african term) i had very optimistic hopes about SHEX. i thought "this is going to be the making of me"(literally) there is no way in hell a guy this hot would be crap at SHEXING...OH if only someone had told me how wrong i would be.

firstly he turned off the music, WHY the hell would you do that? OK i love you, you love me but that doesn't mean that i want the sound of your heavy breathing to be my first memory of intercourse (scarred for life)

after foreplay he then decided to quicken things up by not giving me sufficient lip service, not that all of 5 minutes was good anyway, i got better head when i was 15.
and after after i was numb from embarrassment and shame ,he then proceeded to fuck me,as we fucked i kept thinking of what my mate had said" don't fuck white dicks, cos you cant bounce on them" its was completely TRUE and for what seemed like an hour, but i checked my watch it i was 25 minutes of thrusting and grunts.he dropped me twice and i banged my head leaving me with a huge KOKO
IT WAS SHIT. like UBER SHIT. i can honestly say that i didn't know what he was doing but i just felt like a dead fish .
why does porn make everything look so appealing ? then i had the feeling that if it wasn't for me cycling him then the whole encounter would have been fruitless.
all in all it was a lame experience that i didn't care to repeat and if we weren't in a relationship i don't think i ever would have looked his dick in the eye again, in two and a half years we only had Amazing sex twice,the rest was less than mediocor and quite frankly dissapointing JOSHUA!