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Incase you were abraod or youd been hibernating for months, i previously caught up with my most aaamaziglist mate adele last month .anyhooooo im back here with her discussing bruce almighty,my mums NOT HOT food and something about her stepping in a puddle.

Wang/funmi: Alrightey amiga whats been going down??
Adele:not much reallly life is being quite dry,like ur mums chiken...
oohhh i went there
Wang/funmi:EXCUSE ME *gasps*,whats wrong with my mums chicken?
Adele:haha? nothing, except its lack in moisture
, oh i joke!goooosh.ur mum makes luvly food :)
Wang/funmi:Thank you,her food is a lil bit spicy though
my nose was drripping, i was crying, i went temporarly deaf!...ha ha ha nt realy
Wang/funmi:baby,baby,cry cry baby..wha whahahhahhaha
Adele:ha ha !
i can imagine u saying it
in ur witch voice
aka ur normal voice
but today started off shit
but got Great
Wang/funmi:oh lal a
i stepped in a puddle :(
thats how u know God has a sense of humour
Wang/Funmi:God is hilariussssss,
Morgan freeman.
Wang/funmi:Bruce almighty was actually great film
Adele:he is gorg!
yh bruce is good too
bam !
u skirt is up over ur face bitch!
oh yeah
fear my rath!
Wang/funmi:i love make believe comedy movies about God!
Adele:scooby doo..
Wang/funmi: scooby who?
scooby doo!
any way
then some one ! ..(lissandro). put water on my chair and i sat on it
my bum was wet for like... 10 mins
its not a good look
and THEN
we(her class) had a presentation to do
only 1 other person showed up!
out of 5 !

i was sooooooo embarest
we had to present it to the first years