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Soo you get me funmi aka actually a mindless optismist..maybe a teeny bit naive but an optismist.i NEVER EVER get angry or moody but theres certain things that make me tick and kinda throw me of my edge

1. NEVER EVER DISSS SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, just because his a mindless optismist that doesnt mean his worth all ure angst and NO his not GAY, i do know his makes out and stuff with patrick but according to adele, his bi-curious. end of.

2.m a sharing person with food and stuff but when it comes to my PLANTAIN, im like fahhkkk off, soo when im eating my plantain. DO . NOT. TOUCH.IT,i will swiitch and thump in the face, actually i wont because i cant really fight but i WILL cry.

3. EDHARDY, im soooorryyy but please Dont wear edhardy everything, like edhardy hats,Ehardys underwear,EDhardy hats,etc, you get my point, you just look RUDEEECULOUSSSS and NO! you dont have "SWAGG" please stop using that word or saying you have swagger, after you were asking me for lunch money yesterday!!

4. WHITE GUYS WHO TRY TO MOVE ME by saying "i's grow up with black people innit"(that ACTUALLY HAPPENED) in which his dad is some any next oil tycoon but he still lives in a shoreditch squat with his BAITTT fixed gear mates who JUST happen to dj. BIG UP!

5. If you dont like tea, thats good on you, JUST KEEP IT URSELF!!! as it could damage any future relations me and you my have,because im a loyal pg tip drinker and it actually saddens me when i see people who actually hate tea and its even worse when they are BRITISH! O_O