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HAPPY VALENTINESSSS!(dont be emo singletons)

If your a relationship, kudos to you. dont fahk it up,bcuz i tend to do that.I know all your single ladies will be like gagging and stuff but heyyy you all know you'd rather be in relationship rather than preaching that i wanna-be-independence-malarky

thats me, i can NEVER bring myself to say "i love you" onlyyy in written form.only.
ist soo weird i had plan out what i was gonna say in this post but its all gone over my head now. Basically dont sabotage anything good you have going on. you see me, i WOULD love to be with a guy(certain guy) but voila i tend to sabotage things, just ask my mate ruth from secondaryu she'll tell you. soo ive come to the conclusion that ill be lonely probably living with cats and depressed goldfishes but if you have something going right now. thank fuck. but in the words of amer , food things happen to those who wait.MEH!